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The Lexi Las Vegas is Debuting this Spring
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Edge, Meet Elegance

The Lexi Las Vegas

Lexi is the name, the place, the party; a jewel refined of Artisan Hotel fame. Off-strip and boutique, Vegas becomes her. Chic accommodations and lively nooks have all been reimagined for open-ended revelry. An experience to be revealed in good time.


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Eyes will wander.

Enter a lobby decked with intrigue and keep options open to shaded daybeds, dynamic suites, and private parties chaperoned by chandelier. Inside, poolside, and after-hours, grand entrances abound.

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Taste, you temptress.

Plots thicken as one bar menu unlocks the next. Red is flush, velvet is a feeling, and the word ‘‘steakhouse’ is open to interpretation. Chef-driven and cannabis-enlightened, the scene is set for tomorrow.